Zafar & Lila

Age: 65, 59

Born: Pakistan, Kuwait  


The couple have been married for long time, and are happy they settled in Kitchener. Years ago they opened Enviro Printing and have been supporting small businesses across the community.


Food: Anything Lila Cooks, My own cooking.

Artist: Classical Music

Colour: Green, Red

Superpower: Super Strength, Mind Reading

Hobbies: Cricket, Sowing 

What are some of the things that matter to you in this election?

“We quite concerned about the environment, not only because we are blessed in Canada, but if you look all over the world, there are wars being fought over access to resources and places to live and we need to try to protect what we have.”

Why are you endorsing Mike? 

“I know Mike for last 11 years. I know very well what kind of person he is. I'm not in his constituency, I am in Waterloo, but I know him as a personal friend and the kind of things he supports - he is very genuine person. It is very important to have him represent us.”

What do you hope to achieve personally/professional in your life?

“Have successful family, business, keep life healthy, and keep good in our lives.” 

Are you hopeful about the future?

“We very hopeful that we will eventually get someone like Mike, who has a cool temper elected. We need politicians like him, not only for politics that matter, but the other things that matter in life, the gap between poor and rich is getting wider.

We are feeling, right-wing vs left-wing, what are these things? We never used to hear this stuff, but look whats happening in America, we need to re-balance.”

If there is one thing you want to change today what would it be?

People are too concerned with buying things. One car for winter, one for summer, what are we trying to prove?”

What do you hope to see in a politician/political campaign?

“They should be coming from humanity point of view and understand what going on -  balanced very balance. They need to speak up for the rights of the middle class, the poor and the homeless.”