Teresa & Ali

Age: 45, 45

Born: Ottawa, Woodstock


Ali is an engineer working in the consulting field. Teressa is an active member of the community and works with a variety of organizations. They have two sons, as well a talkative dog - all of which keeps them more than busy.


Food: Chocolate, Like them All (burrito phase)

Artist: Beyonce, Tragically Hip, Monet

Colour: Blue, Blue

Superpower: Flying, Strength

Hobbies: Guitar, Boxing, Jogging, Knitting

What are some of the things that matter to you in this election?

“Opportunity to link economy and environment. New reports show we have the opportunity to change our economy to one that is more sustainable. Our priority is to support a party that has that interest, not basing economic future on one aspect, like fossil fuels or manufacturing.”

Why are you endorsing Mike?

“Mike will put forward good policies and actually represent Kitchener. Mike demonstrates his commitment through his actions, the canvas, everything, it is more than anyone else is doing in Kitchener centre.”

What do you hope to achieve personally/professionally?

“We both want to contribute to our community. We want to make Kitchener a better place to live. If we had to chose a place to live, KW would be it.”

Are you hopeful about the future?

“Um, some days we are hopeful, some days it really scares us ( the status quo), the future might not be there.”

If there is one thing you could change today what would it be?

“Go back to the 80s and start making inroads on GHG and climate change.”

What do you hope to see in a politician/political campaign?

“Hope to see a politician that is not embarrassed to be who they are and not worried about their image. Want them to be concerned about making policies that make sense.”