Julia Gogoleva and Sam Nabi

Age: Julia 28, Sam 29 

Born: Moscow, Ottawa


Julia and Sam are co-owners of Full Circle Foods located in downtown Kitchener. The couple has been active within the thriving Kitchener Community, both in the arts and through various community groups. 


Food: Homemade hot and sour soup, Thai Curry

Artist: Shad, Frida Kahlo

Colour: Red, Yellow

Superpower: Invisibility, Flying

Hobbies: Music, Painting, Film Making

Why are you getting involved in this election?

Julia: “For me it’s because I believe getting Mike elected is the most effective and systematic thing I can do to help solve the climate crisis.  Also, knowing that he looks at issues through many different lens and that he is prioritizing all the other issues I care about is super important to me.” 

Sam: “I’ve been involved with Greens for a few years. I really love the bottom-up approach to policymaking, real grassroots, - I see that in Mike Morrice’s campaign and this massive group of people that want to make things better. It doesn’t feel like being told by the national party - it's about our community”

Why are you endorsing Mike?

Together: Mike is an incredible organizer and knows how to get a lot done, while still being genuine and down to earth. I think he will get so much done in the theatrics that is the house of commons. He is a leader, who builds up everyone around him.

What are some of the issues that matter to you in this election?

Julia: “I want people to not be so angry and jaded with politics. They think that their vote doesn’t count, cause it doesn't often and I would love for reform to happen.”

Sam: “The issues that come to mind for me are two sides of the same coin. Eliminating fossil fuel subsidies and implementing GLI. Current policies waste so much money propping up a dying industry and we could be using it for reducing poverty and transitioning workers into new markets through retraining.”

What do you hope to achieve personally/professional in your life?

Julia: “I would love to leave our community more vibrant, welcoming and environmentally sustainable through actions I undertake.” 

Sam: “I didn't grow up here, but I have been welcomed by the community of Kitchener and I want to bring that energy back to others - that is the broad-based vision of my life.”

Are you hopeful about the future?

Julia: “I think a lot of people are trying to do a lot  good work I don't know if I feel hopeful about the outcome, but I do feel good about my community.”

Sam: “Some days it's hard to be hopeful, but the hope is the struggle for a better world.”

If there was one thing you change today what would it be?

Julia: “The income gap. I think it’s the core of a lot of issues - that some individuals deserve 10x more resources and opportunities than others.” 

Sam: “Actually respect the treaties with Indigenous People - I think that covers so much. The government isn’t providing education, poisoning their water, and running pipelines through their lands. If you went back to the agreement we had to share this land together, you would see that we have lost our way, and that's not what Canada should be about.”

What do you hope to see in a politician/political campaign?

Sam: “I don't want to see talking points, I want to see people actually answering the questions that are being asked of them.”

Julia: “Politicians who really listen to what all sorts of people have to say.”