Rachel DaSilva

Age: 13

Born: Kitchener


Rachel is one of the younger generations that knows she cannot vote in this upcoming election but wants to find a way to have her voice heard as she understands how fundamental the changes times are. When she isn’t canvassing, Rachel enjoys hanging out with friends and making/listening to music.


Food: Mac & Cheese

Artist: Billy Eilish

Colour: Grey/Brown

Superpower: Teleportation

Hobbies: Playing Piano, Hanging Out With Friends, Drawing

Why are you are helping out with the campaign?

“My cousin first got me into. Then I realized Mike is a really good guy and wants to do things that are meaningful. And I really just like campaigning too.”

Why are you endorsing Mike?

“He wants to so much that others aren’t doing and not focussing on. He's also a really good person too.” 

What are some of the things that matter to you in this election?

What matters to me is that we get someone who is elected, and does by their words. And I really want them to... really care about the environment, haven't seen much about the environment before. I haven't seen others, do something about real change, but it really matters.”

What do you hope to achieve personally in your life?

“Um, i hope to achieve, a good education to get my dream job, and I hope, hope to completely stop using any plastic, I know that seems weird, but yea. Mostly though, going somewhere really good in my life.

Are you hopeful about the future?

“Sometimes I am and sometimes...sometimes I'm not. There’s a lot of people, who are doing good for the environment and I hope our world doesn't come to an end. Sometimes I am hopeful, sometimes I am really not.”

If you could change one thing today what would it be?

“I’d probably change, the fact that a ton of people doesn't believe in climate change. Cause if you had the entire worldwide population knowing about climate change, even if not happening to you, but is helping somewhere else, we might see a lot more change.”

What do you hope to see a politician/political campaign?

“I like to see people who listen to what society says - what the people around them say. They really have to listen and understand what has to happen.”