Leena Miller Cressman

Age: 32 

Born: Goshen, Indiana


Leena has a liberal arts degree from the University of Waterloo, and currently helps run Queen’s Street Yoga. Leena and her husband, Scott, live in Midtown and have a three year old (not featured in picture) and twin 8 month olds!


Food: Bim Bop

Artist: Jeremy Dutcher

Colour: Purple

Superpower: Duplicating Myself

Hobbies: Biking, Walking, Gardening

What are some of the things that matter to you in this election

“Real serious action on climate change. Number two... real serious action on climate change. But also, environmental policy that addresses social injustices.”

Why are you endorsing Mike? 

Mike is really a good listener, and open minded. Feels like he has his own values, but he also doesn't have an agenda that is about his own self importance. He has humility and a willingness to listen to other points of view. I think he has demonstrated strong leadership in his past and his ability to bring people together across various sectors to get real things done.” 

What do you hope to achieve personally/professional in your life?

“I think what I care most deeply about is building a caring, resilient community and staying connected to nature and my loved ones.”

Are you hopeful about the future?

“Um, cautiously. yes.”

If you could change one thing today what would it be?

“Stopping the threat of climate chaos.”

What do you hope to see in a politician/political campaign?

“Listening, um… pragmatism, and a view of the big/long term picture.”