Johanne Fortier

Age:  62

Born: Quebec City


Johanne is a retired pharmacist who worked intimately with diabetes patients. She was a part of the group in KW who founded the movement of pharmacists specializing in diabetes patient consulting. Her work has inadvertently saved the healthcare system a lot of money, but more importantly, empowered her patients, leading to fewer complications in the long run. Johanne is now retired and spends her time singing with the Grand Philharmonic Choir.


Food: Chicken Cacciatore

Artist: Bryan Adams

Colour: Magenta

Superpower: Change People’s Hearts to go Green

Hobbies: Sailing & Singing

Why are you getting involved in this election?

“Because I wanna make a difference. I think Mike has a really good chance, and he has the same values as me. I would love for him to work with the other parties and I know he can influence them in a good way.”

Why are you endorsing Mike?

“Because Mike Morrice is genuine and genuinely concerned. He’s true and very passionate about what he is doing. He is a people person. What really amazes me, is he is a really good listener and he can suggest solutions for problems, but he doesn't impose himself.”

What are some of the things that matter to you in this election?

“My biggest one is the environment and the climate change. I have grandchildren and that really worries me. I think it’s time for a bit of panic. But also, then when I look at my kids, its affordability too! They would love to have a house or even rent a nice apartment. That are my two priorities”

What do you hope to achieve personally/professional in your life?

“Well I have gone a lot already to modify my way of life, I personally want to keep on doing that.  I want to get involved, I find it tough to believe that in a country like ours, people don't have clean water or places to live.”

Are you hopeful about the future?

“Yes of course. I am an optimist and if we all pull together, and what I am seeing right now, there is definitely hope. But we have to do something and I think we are on the right track. But partisanship needs to get out of the way - it’s not about party, but people. And no matter what party you vote for, or support, it’s a matter of people working together.”

If you could change one thing today what would it be?

“The weather, haha!  No, let's see. Well, I started using public transportation, and I think I am going to use it more and more. I really enjoyed it and I've decided I am going to use my car less.”

What do you hope to see in a politician/political campaign?

“I want them to work together, find solutions to our problems and just be true. Don't lie to people - and you know, try to influence them one way or another, that's what I want - I want them to work together and I want more than two parties, that is for sure. I hate that flip flop.”