Alan Quarry

I’ve been a proud, card-carrying liberal for, arguably, my entire life. I’ve supported and upheld my party over candidates numerous times. But, this year, this election, something changed.

The time is now. Really. The world isn’t approaching an environmental crisis. We’re in it. And, if we don’t do something, then where does that leave us? Nowhere good.

  I think that some of it has to do with becoming a grandparent. I can’t not look at my grandson, Jack, and think that I have to do something to make the world he’s going to inherit better, kinder, more tolerant, and, in terms of the environment, healthier. Which is why this year, I’ve decided to not vote blindly for a party, and to instead, vote strategically for the best person for the job. 

I met Mike Morrice about a decade ago at Wilfrid Laurier University. I was a teaching there part-time and also mentoring some aspiring entrepreneurs. Mike was already changing the world, starting with the Laurier campus. That’s where he founded Sustainable Waterloo, which has grown to see tremendous success. Why? Because Mike’s the kind of guy that sets his mind to things, and then - and this is the impactful piece - he gets them done.

 So, not only does Mike’s drive and work ethic set him apart as the only (in my opinion) candidate for Kitchener Centre, he has two other skills - one of which you never really see in politics. The first is vision. Mike has big ideas to make my community, our province, and the country better. And, these aren’t only ideas. He has the strategy and work ethic (see above) to deliver - bringing these ideas to fruition.

Great. A politician with vision. I know, we’ve heard it all before. And, like you, I’ve followed them and voted for them, based on these ideas. And, also probably like you, I’ve been let down. So, here’s the other trait about Mike that matters: he listens. Like, really listens. He’s out there, going door-to-door, leaning into what others are saying, and then working to add these insights to his campaign (whether these voters are green or otherwise!). You see, he incorporates our needs, our concerns, our ideas, into his vision. This will be, in my opinion, transformational. For me, my riding, and, ultimately, our country.


While my business isn’t in my political riding, I know that voting for Mike will impact me there as well. How? My team. Why? Because an improvement made on the private citizen front benefits economics. People become happier and healthier, which makes them more productive, which increases company profits, which leads to more spending, get the idea. It’s good for business. All business.

And, I know where you’re going. Voting Green is a wasted vote. We need to come together and vote strategically. Don’t worry - you’re not the first to challenge me on this. Here’s the thing. Mike is the best candidate in my riding. No offense to anyone else - and trust me, the other candidates are great individuals - but Mike is my only choice. And, our government is elected by the number of MPs voted in, NOT popular vote. So, Mike is the best MP candidate in my riding. He gets my vote. That’s one more good person in parliament. And, depending on your political leanings, that, my friends, is a very strategic vote.


I’m Alan Quarry, and I like Mike.