Over the past 5 months, Mike and his team have been at doors, in backyards and showing up to community events. 

You have spoken.

As your MP, Mike will be working hard over the next 4 years to:


Expand Health Care

- Ensure every Canadian has access to pharmacare, comprehensive mental health services, and home care for seniors.

- Expand dental and vision care.

- Provide you access to the services you need.


Strengthen The Economy

- Increase federal support for small businesses.

- Promote job creation for industries of the future.

- Invest in worker retraining to ensure that no one is left behind.

- Balance the budget and manage tax dollars responsibly.


Make Life Affordable

- Ensure everyone can access affordable childcare.

- Advocate for a guaranteed livable income,

- Make certain you have a dignified place to call home.

- Push for affordable and efficient transit.


Action On Climate Change

- Phase out fossil fuel subsidies and transition to inexpensive renewable energy.

- Retrofit buildings to reduce energy costs.

- Set pragmatic and realistic targets for emission reduction, based on what scientists and economists recommend.

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Reform Democracy

- Ensure every vote counts.

- Work collaboratively with other parties to get things done.

- Put people ahead of politics

- Bring integrity back to Parliament.

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The Role Of Mike Morrice As A Green Party Representative


As a Green Party Representative, Mike has the freedom to always vote with your community at heart. Mike’s aim is to bring some much-needed integrity and honesty to his role as a Member of Parliament. No partisan politics, no frills - just a pragmatic long term plan.

As a Candidate with the Green Party of Canada, Mike shares values with Greens worldwide:

  • Respect for diversity,

  • Social justice,

  • Non-violence,

  • Sustainability,

  • Ecological wisdom

  • Participatory democracy.

About Greens

As a Green MP, Mike is always able to vote freely with his constituents - even if it means disagreeing with the party’s position.

Mike is a representative of Kitchener Centre first.

The National Green Party’s vision and climate action plan recommends how Greens would govern, and work with other parties to protect the planet and make life better for all Canadians.

The party will release its platform closer to the fall election, but you can learn more about the plan here:

  • Our Vision outlines the Green Party’s priorities and vision for a different kind of government. 

  • Mission: Possible is the Green Party’s 20 point climate action plan that sets ambitious targets, and a plan to reduce our carbon impact and create a livable future.


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