People of Kitchener

Others who are endorsing Mike!

“Mike’s platform of being fiscally responsible, socially progressive and environmentally sustainable is exactly the positive vision for the future that Canada needs”
— Kurtis McBride, Founder Miovision
“I am a mother and grandmother. All my life I was a liberal. However, my primary issues are climate change and electoral reform - those supersede all other issues.”

— Cheryl Opolko, Public Health Nurse
“I have learned from past experiences have low expectations of politicians, but I was really impressed with Mike’s depth of expertise and ability to communicate with diverse groups of people. I know he can win.”
— Scott Janzwood, PHD Uwaterloo Student
Mike Morrice is genuine and genuinely concerned. What really amazes me, is he is a really good listener and he can suggest solutions for problems but he doesn’t impose himself.”
— Johanne Fortier, Pharmacist
“I’m supporting Mike because he’s an articulate and passionate candidate who will be a strong MP for Kitchener Centre. I think he will be an amazing representative and represent us. He is the future of the Green Party of Canada.

— Jo-Anne Beckett, Adminstrative Assistant
Mike is an incredible organizer and knows how to get a lot done, while still being genuine and down to earth. I think he will get so much done in the theatrics that is the house of commons. He is a leader, who builds up everyone around him to get it done.
— Sam & Julia, Small Business Owners
“The environment is important because I live in it, we all do. I trust Mike to do push this narrative.”
— Sebastian Villamizar, Mechatronics Engineers
I have traditionally feared that a Green vote is a throw away vote. I no longer feel that way and for the first time in my life will publicly declare my support. I’m voting for the future, I’m voting for the environment. I’m voting for something better. I’m voting for Mike Morrice and The Green Party of Canada.
— Jeff McIntyre, Chamber of Commerce
“Mike wants to so much that others aren’t doing and not focussing on. He’s also a really good person too.”
— Rachel DaSilva, Youth
I am voting for Mike Morrice because the future of Canadian democracy is our most important electoral issue. Mike is committed to democratic reform and will support policies that ensure all citizens have their voices heard and the votes counted.
— Matt Rappolt, Local Artist
“It’s time to vote for our future by making the health of our planet the priority. Mike will help us make a difference.”

— Tracy Van Kalsbeek, Uptown Waterloo Business Improvement.