Thank you

Thank you: for your support of our campaign, and for your confidence in me.

Raising a fully-funded campaign in a couple weeks is a totally unreasonable thing to do. But with your support it’s becoming more and more possible by the hour.

With your support, we will lead a campaign that brings people together to talk about our shared aspiration: that we can be better. We can dream bigger. We can think longer term. And we can rise to meet the challenges we face.

With your support, this could be the year that in Kitchener-Centre, the Green vote is the strategic vote.

Our ambition remains to have $100,000 raised before we formally launch our campaign in the coming weeks. Please consider sharing with friends and family as we move towards this together.

If you’ve provided your email address, I’ll be in-touch with updates on our campaign in the coming weeks and months. Note the Green Party of Canada may also be in-touch by email, and if you’d rather not receive these please feel free to unsubscribe at any time.

Thank you again for your contribution, and for being part of this campaign with us! This is all possible because of people like you: people that care enough and are bold enough to want a better future, and to do something about it.

With gratitude and excitement,