Our goal is as ambitious and achievable as our campaign: to raise $100,000

With only $9,100 to go and the 75% tax credit, it only takes 22 more people to contribute $400 (of which $300 is fully tax refundable, see table below), and we’ll be well on our way to stand shoulder to shoulder with the other parties when election season heats up.

For example, if just 22 people contributed $400 (of which $300 is tax refundable), we would have in place this game-changing level of support.

Donations are all made online, via PayPal's secure payment processing service:

Donations of up to $1,600 are allowed by law. Contributions of any amount below this amount are welcome, needed and appreciated!

Donors certify: 1. That they are either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. 2. That they are making this contribution with their own personal funds and not with a business account or on behalf of another person. 3. That no individual or organization will either partially or fully reimburse them.