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Mike is running in Kitchener-Centre because he believes we can shape a different future.

We can be more ambitious. We can plan longer term.

And we can rise to meet the challenges we face: from economic inequality, to gaps in our health system, to the climate breakdown.

Our Reality

We are living in a pivotal moment in time.

Climate scientists tell us we have until 2030 to cut our carbon impact in half if we hope to sustain human life on this planet. The devastating impacts of extreme weather events are all around us: from wildfires in BC, to flooding in the Maritimes, to extreme heat waves in Quebec.

Meanwhile, we live in a time when 46 percent of Canadians are on the brink of financial insolvency and the top 20 percent of Canadians control almost 70 percent of the wealth.

These challenges are aggravated by the climate crisis, which impacts those with the lowest income most significantly.

Our Campaign: #Morrice2019

Our campaign is about bringing people together to meet these challenges in a way that strengthens our economic security, restores our ecosystems, and improves the wellbeing of all of us in Kitchener-Centre, and across Canada.

Our campaign is about kickstarting the economy we need for the future with the money we’re currently using to subsidize the economy of the past.

Together, we can champion a made-in-Canada Green New Deal: a shift to 100% renewables, high speed rail, universal access to affordable and energy efficient housing, and a federal jobs guarantee, in place of billions in corporate tax loopholes and fossil fuel subsidies.

In doing this, we can ensure our country really does work for all. We can reduce the systemic injustices that disproportionately affect people of colour, people in rural communities, those with low-incomes, those with disabilities, women, youth and seniors.

Our Candidate

In building Sustainable Waterloo Region and Green Economy Canada, Mike has spent the past decade bringing people together from a wide mix of sectors to lead the shift to a green economy in Waterloo Region and beyond.

Mike chose the Green Party because:

  • Green values are his values: non-violence, sustainability, social justice, ecological wisdom, participatory democracy and respect for diversity.

  • The party is unique in how it approaches democracy: their constitution permits MPs to vote representing their constituents, so long as they can demonstrate alignment with these values.

Our Community

Over the past decade, Mike has learned firsthand what can be achieved through our community’s entrepreneurial spirit, our barn raising culture, and the belief that anything is possible.

Mike knows that in Kitchener, and across Waterloo Region, ordinary people come together to do extraordinary things.

Here We Go

We hope to offer a new vision: for strengthening our economy, restoring our ecosystems, and improving the well-being of all people in Canada.

We hope to demonstrate that in Kitchener-Centre, the Green vote will be the strategic vote.

We hope to bring this campaign – both the ambition and pragmatism - to Parliament in October.

And we hope you’ll join us in this effort.



In building Sustainable Waterloo Region and Green Economy Canada, Mike has spent the past decade bringing people together from a wide mix of sectors to lead the shift to a green economy in Waterloo Region and beyond.

Early Life


Mike grew up on the west island of Montreal as the middle brother of three boys. His family moved to Newmarket Ontario in 1997, and in 2003 he went on to study at Wilfrid Laurier University, completing a double degree in business and computer electronics. Mike was quickly hooked by the entrepreneurial spirit of Waterloo Region. 

After reading a book called Ishmael, his eyes were opened to how recently we have begun living at odds with the rest of the living world. Mike was inspired to bring together his business training with his desire to see more decisive action on the climate crisis, and so he got to work.


Mike has spent the 10 years since working with hundreds of businesses to accelerate the shift to a green economy.

Sustainable Waterloo Region: 2008 - 2013

In 2008 while studying at Laurier, Mike founded Sustainable Waterloo Region (SWR) and piloted Canada’s first Green Economy Hub. Within five years, the Hub had engaged companies employing 14% of Waterloo Region’s workforce, all committed to setting and achieving voluntary climate goals. Mike also spearheaded the creation of ClimateActionWR, a collaborative effort that secured unanimous support from Regional and City Councils for our community’s first-ever climate target (a 6% reduction by 2020, since raised to 80% by 2050), and initiated what is now evolv1, Canada’s first net-positive energy multi-tenant building.

Green Economy Canada: 2013 - 2018

In response to global interest in replicating Green Economy Hubs,  Mike founded Green Economy Canada in 2013 and led the award-winning organization until late last year. Today there are 7 Green Economy Hubs across Ontario supporting over 250 organizations lowering their impact and increasing their profitability.

Mike was named Young Alumni of the Year by Laurier (2011), Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the KW Chamber of Commerce (2012), won a Special Citation for Social Entrepreneurship by EY Canada (2018), and has been an Ashoka Fellow since 2012.

Find Out More

Mike describes his journey starting Sustainable Waterloo Region in a TEDx talk available above. You can also follow the campaign on Facebook, check out his online resume, LinkedIn profile, and Twitter profile.


Get Involved

We are now setting the foundation for a winning campaign. Over the next two weeks our focus is on:

  • Raising over $100,000 for the campaign, consistent with what winning candidates spent in 2015. Because of the 75% tax refund for all individual donations up to $400, this could look like 250 people contributing $100 each after refunds. Donate today.

  • Building the core team that will lead this campaign. We’re looking to add 10-20 people contributing 10-20 hrs/week, leading all aspects of the campaign: from social media to technology to event planning. We’re looking for support in areas including the following (and open to other ideas):

    • Communications (social media, digital marketing, video, graphic design, etc.)

    • Support (technology, research, community, legal, etc.)

    • Strategy

    • Administration

    • Engagement (canvassing, event planning, phone engagement, etc.)

Get in touch via the form below if you’re interested in being part of the Morrice 2019 team.

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